How to Get Food Handlers Certificate in Kenya Easily Now

There are many businesses in Kenya that mainly deals with foods for example the restaurants, hotels, cafeterias, among other businesses. Food business is always a fast moving business with a high demand niche thus fetching more profits at the end of the tunnel.

Food handlers need to be highly trained since they protect the general public based on food they consume. For you to run this business in Kenya, you are required to have health certificate for business from the public health certificate Kenya which shows your business is approved as it is not harmful for human health.

This call for guidelines on how to get food handlers certificate in Kenya in order to run your business smoothly and profitably.

Guidelines on How to Get Food Handlers Certificate

Here are some of the guidelines to follow in order to get your food handlers certificate:

  1. Apply for the food handlers certificate in the county offices near you.
  2. Pay a prescribed fee of Ksh. 700.
  3. Undergo a series of lab test to ascertain whether you are fit for the certificate.
  4. A food handling certificate is then issued to you.

Besides, you can apply for food handling certificate from the health facilities following these steps:

  1. Visit a government health facility near you.
  2. Health certificate Application is done by you.
  3. Payment of Ksh. 700.
  4. Undergo a series of lab tests
  5. If adequately convinced, they will issue you with a health certificate.

This is how to get a health certificate in Kenya.

Below are some more questions that you might be asking yourself:

How much is food handlers certificate in Kenya?

The cost of food handlers certificate in Kenya ranges from Ksh.700 to Ksh. 1,500 based on the place issuing the certificate.

Where do I get food handlers certificate in Nairobi?

You can get food handlers certificate in County Council offices in Nairobi or the City Hall in Nairobi.

How to Apply for Medical Certificate Online

Besides, you may want to know how to apply for medical certificate online. These are the steps that will help you:

  1. Book an appointment with a doctor.
  2. Register and log in.
  3. Confirmation of your appointment.
  4. Chat with your doctor.
  5. Online certificate will be issued to you based on the information given to your doctor.

This is how to get food handlers certificate online.


In the final analysis, it is important to train food handlers so as to improve food safety. This will help reduce risks mainly caused by foodborne illnesses also known as food poisoning as this can be a real hazard to your business.

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