Where to Buy Cars on Hire Purchase in Kenya Easily

Owning a car is one of the signs of being successful. Having a car says a lot about you, how hardworking you are and how you are an open-minded person. However, the kind of method that you use to purchase the car might vary.

For instance, one may buy a vehicle with cash, the other with a loan, the third might buy a used one, and the fourth with a hire purchase. If you are not able to get the vehicle immediately in cash, it is advisable that you take it on hire purchase.

That brings us to the question of where to buy cars on hire purchase in Kenya.

One of the places to buy cars on hire purchase in Kenya is the Maridady Motors Limited company. Hire purchase cars on OLX Kenya are also available and in good condition. There are even more unmentioned places where you can get a car on hire purchase.

Buying a Car on Hire Purchase

Before you are granted the title owner of that vehicle, you have to pay at least a 10 percent deposit of the actual amount. Afterwards, you will be told the amount that you will be paying until you manage to fully own the vehicle.

There are, however, a lot of cars for sale on hire purchase in Nairobi. All you need to do is to go with the deposit and the description of the vehicle you want.

Hire purchase sellers in Kenya make higher profits. This is because they sell the products for more than the actual amount, though it is done at a slow rate.

There are very many different cars for sale in Mombasa on hire purchase. The cars are from different companies such as Nissan, Toyota, and Volkswagen, among others.

Second hand cars on hire purchase are also available, depending on the seller. Maybe the seller does not want instant cash. Maybe they just want to dispose of the product. This case might lead the seller to sell the car on hire purchase.

You don’t require huge amounts of money to satisfy your needs for owning a hire purchase vehicle. There is an alternative. You can get cheap cars on hire purchase at the nearest car yard or company around you.


That is a brief summary of cars and where to buy them on hire purchase. Buy a car and pay in instalments today without hesitation. Before making a purchase, make an attempt to ensure that the vehicle is in its best condition. Later on, you can go ahead with the purchase. Nothing should stop you from making your dreams come true and real.

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