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Apart from Nairobi city, Nakuru city is also well known for selling clothes. You realize that clothes are a basic need and, therefore, human beings need them to conduct their day-to-day activities. Since they are important, some people have decided to venture into the cloth-selling business.

Cloth-selling business is among those businesses with very high profits. So if you feel like starting the business, then nothing should stop you.

Clothes are sold at different places in Nakuru. That brings us to the question of where to buy clothes in Nakuru.

Places Where to Buy Clothes in Nakuru

The places where to buy clothes in Nakuru Kenya include:

  1. Wajose smart wear.
  2. Think Twice Second Hand Clothes.
  3. Jamor Collection.
  4. LC Waikiki.
  5. Maya Emporium.

These are among the best places to buy clothes in Nakuru.

Wajose shop in Nakuru is very famous and is known for providing the best quality products at affordable prices. Among the clothes shops that make a lot of profits is Wajose baby shop. Visit the shop today and get the smartest look in town.

There are a lot of boutiques in Nakuru town selling clothes of different types. Nakuru Main Boutique, Melrose Boutique, and Sleek Lady Boutique are among the best boutiques in Nakuru.

There are a lot of cheap mitumba clothes in Nakuru being sold at different shops. A few shops that deal in mitumba clothes are:

  • Mitumba Clothes.
  • Mitumba Classic.
  • Ebeneezar Mitumba Store.

Also, there are a lot of wholesale shops in Nakuru dealing in a variety of cloth products. You can visit one near you and select the clothes of your choice at a wholesale price.

Dress shops in Nakuru are also available to suit women’s needs. The shops sell good dresses at average prices. The dresses are, however, of good quality and are said to be long-lasting.


The clothes-sellers discussed in this article sell quality clothes at affordable prices. If you are in Nakuru and looking to buy some clothes, then you can go ahead and visit one of the places. Let me hope that you have all the answers you were looking for. Also, that you now know about shops in Nakuru that sell quality clothes at affordable prices.

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