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Dresses are commonly used by women. Many ladies look good in dresses. You will find out that different ladies love different types of dresses depending on their body type, or other factors. There are, however, different types of dresses, which we will discuss in this article.

You may want to know where to buy dresses in Nairobi. If this is it, then you are at the very right place. There are a lot of places to get dresses in Nairobi. A few places among them include:

  1. Mary’s Fashion Wear.
  2. La_Elegant, Fashion 254.
  3. Ladies Dress Code.
  4. Mejja Ladies dresses.

Different Types of Dresses

1. Kitenge

Kitenge is an East African clothing design with different colours and borders. A lot of ladies love this type of dress since they are very beautiful and attractive. You may want to be in a position to know where to buy kitenge dresses in Nairobi. Some places where you can get the dresses are:

  1. Mojrad Fashion.
  2. Vitenge shop.
  3. Bela Kitenge Fabrics.
  4. African wear.
  5. Sawiri Designers.

2. Evening Dresses

Before we find out where these dresses are sold in Nairobi, let us begin by understanding what evening dresses actually are. Well, evening dresses are a type of gown which is worn mostly for evening events or occasions. Normally, they are always stunning and long.

They can be purchased in shops like: Evening Designs, Fashion 254, Crowns and Rosses, Odd n Bold, and The Bridal Place, among many other places. If it is your desire to purchase an evening dress, then conduct the purchases at the mentioned places.

3. Deras

Dera dresses are very common in the coastal region of Kenya. The dresses are normally long and kind of large. They are always beautiful, and they have been made with attractive colours. You may want to know where to buy dera dresses in Nairobi.

African wear is one of the most perfect and best places to buy dera dresses in Nairobi. Make a change today and look good in dera at a very affordable price.

4. Official Dresses

Some events won’t allow you to put on short dresses. For instance, if the events are official, then the dress code should also be official. Official dresses are not difficult to find. You can get the dresses at very affordable prices.

Here are some places where you can buy official dresses in Nairobi. Koko Formal Wear, Turkey Wear, Lady’s Fashion, Fashion254 and Cecile Turkey Design Kenya, among others.

5. Ankara Dresses

Ankara dresses have actually become the song of ladies. You will see the majority of them wearing those types of dresses. Ladies, however, love them due to their quality, colors, and level of attractiveness. You may, however, be concerned about knowing where to buy Ankara dresses in Nairobi. African Dresses, African Wear, Jiji, African Clothes and Vitenge, Jumia, are shops where to buy Ankara dresses in Nairobi.

6. Maxi Dresses

Among the most beautiful and attractive dresses that ladies prefer are maxi dresses. The dresses are long and presentable. They have been made and designed in a very unique way as compared to other dresses.

The dresses are mostly available at Tasir Shopping Center in Eastleigh and Sarai Afrique Fashion House.

7. Party Dresses

No one wants to attend a party in local dress. The goal for most people is to look good at the party. Party dresses are very affordable for anyone. Places where you can buy party dresses in Nairobi include: Lady’s Fashion, Koko Formal Wear, and Sarai Afrique Fashion House.

8. Second Hand Dresses

If you are not able to afford a new dress, then getting a second hand (mitumba) is also an alternative. Now that brings us to where to buy second hand dresses in Nairobi. The dresses can be bought in Eastleigh, Gikomba market and Githurai among many other places.

Hopefully, you got all the relevant answers to your questions. If you’ve been thinking of finding yourself a nice dress, then do it since you have the required knowledge from the article.

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