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Before getting deeper into the main concerns, let us begin by understanding the simple terminologies. For instance, EPZ. EPZ is an abbreviation for the word “Export Processing Zone.” In relation to clothes, business people are able to buy clothes from EPZ at very low prices. The EPZ goods are free from tax, and therefore, their prices are lower as compared to the actual market price.

EPZ Kenya products are amongst the best products. The products may include clothes and electronics, among others.

Let’s now get back to what may be your concern. And that is where you can buy EPZ clothes in Kenya.

Places to Buy EPZ Clothes in Kenya

Here is a list of places where to buy EPZ in Kenya today:

  1. Future Garments EPZ Ltd.
  2. United Aryan (EPZ) Ltd.
  3. Export Processing Zones Authority.
  4. MAS Intimates Kenya (EPZ) Ltd.
  5. Africa Apparels EPZ Ltd.

These are among the best places you can buy EPZ clothes in Kenya.

There are a lot of EPZ shops in Nairobi. Some of which include: Kenperson EPZ Limited, Suman Shakti EPZ Ltd, Golden Light EPZ Ltd and Newwide Garment Kenya EPZ Ltd, among others.

EPZ Companies in Kenya

Here is a list of EPZ companies in Kenya:

  1. Hantex Garment (EPZ) Ltd
  2. Barnes EPZ Ltd.
  3. Kapric Apparels EPZ Ltd.
  4. Avenue Fresh Produce EPZ Ltd.
  5. Olivado EPZ Kenya.
  6. Barnes EPZ limited.

EPZ scrubs in Kenya are available in large quantities. The scrubs, however, go for a price as low as Ksh.500. The scrubs are in good condition and also good in terms of quality.

EPZ Kitengela is well known for providing jobs to the people around. It has been of benefit since it has helped raise the living standards of people.


In conclusion, EPZ Kenya clothes sales are available. As mentioned earlier, the clothes are very cheap and affordable compared to the ones acquired from direct markets. I hope by now you have very clear information about EPZ clothes and where to get them from. In addition, I also hope the answers to your questions were provided appropriately and were satisfactory to you.

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