Where to Buy Interlocking Bricks in Kenya | Prices Per Brick

A very large percentage of people would like their homes to look magnificent and unique. But the big question still remains: how do you make this happen? As you will notice, there are a lot of construction materials all over. Some have been commonly used, thus making others who had plans to build them reject them, since they need something unique and attractive.

What if I told you that I had a beautiful idea on how to make your home attractive? Interlocking bricks in Kenya are the best solution for your wall construction. Imagine no need to paint your house for it to achieve that good look. The bricks themselves carry the day. 

Now that brings us to our main concern, that is, where to buy interlocking bricks in Kenya. If that is truly the case, then worry no more.

Places to Buy Interlocking Bricks in Kenya

Here is a list of some places you can buy interlocking bricks in Kenya.

  1. Afrina InterLocking Bricks.
  2. Panda Bricks & Construction.
  3. Makiga Engineering Services Ltd.
  4. Nairobi Clay Works.
  5. Baran Co. Ltd.

These are among the companies that manufacture interlocking bricks in Kenya.

Interlocking brick prices have a range due to various factors. For instance, its price ranges from Ksh.15 to Ksh.30 per block. 

Interlocking brick machine prices in Kenya would cost an average of Ksh.45,000 to Ksh.50,000. If you own the machine, you will be able to earn a lot from it.

Interlocking Bricks Houses

Interlocking brick houses in Kenya are some of the most magnificent houses, for instance, Makiga interlocking brick houses. The houses are very attractive and strong. In addition, the interlocking bricks have a longer durability.

For you to have a good looking home, try and find interlocking brick house designs and choose any of your preferences. 

Makiga bricks for sale in Kenya are available near you at affordable prices. You can decide to purchase at a cost-friendly price and create the most magnificent house in history. 

Interlocking Brick Mixing Ratio

As the interlocking bricks are manufactured, there needs to be a balance in terms of raw materials used. That brings us to the interlocking brick mixing ratio. The ratio should be at least 4:6:1, that is, 4 wheelbarrows of sand, 6 wheelbarrows of red soil, and 1 bag of cement. 


There are many places in Kenya where you can buy interlocking bricks at an affordable price. You can have a magnificent house by spending as little as Ksh.13 per brick. The use of interlocking bricks reduces the overall cost of building a house by about 15%–25%. Since you have all the information needed, you can decide to change the look of your home from a simple one to a magnificent one.

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