Cost Of Building A Brick House In Kenya | Best & Affordable

Cost Of Building A Brick House In Kenya Best & Affordable

Brick houses are among the most beautiful houses all over. Bricks have that unique colour that brings some sense of attraction.

In addition, when bricks are aligned well during construction, then there is no need of doing some painting.

A lot of people prefer constructing with bricks due to a variety of factors.

One of those factors is that bricks are cheaper compared to other types of material.

So, how much does a brick house cost? The cost of building a brick house in Kenya is an average of Ksh. 35,000 per square meters.

Besides, the exact price may vary depending on how big or small your house is.

As you know, bricks are very strong. In addition, they are resistant to different weather conditions and are also easily available.

Modern mud houses in Kenya are not houses to be underrated.

You will find out that the house is constructed using mud but the design itself is more than awesome.

Some people go further roofing the houses with gall sheets.

Mud houses are also made in a unique manner that makes them last long.

Think about the past, many homes during those days were constructed with mud. You will still find those houses existing till now.

Latrine design and construction can also be made using bricks.

In fact using bricks is the most recommended in construction of latrines. What matters a lot is durability.

I really hope that up to now you have the relevant knowledge of what you wanted to know about. If you want to construct a brick house then what are you waiting for?

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