NIS Salary In Kenya | New Pay With Allowances

NIS Salary In Kenya | New Pay With Allowances

National Intelligence Service (NIS) was established under Article 242 of the constitution of Kenya that is responsible for security intelligence and counter intelligence.

NIS Trainees are taught in NIS Academy in order to acquire knowledge in National Intelligence Service. For more details about training check the NIS portal.

NIS Kenya Training Duration

Are you wondering how many months does NIS training take? NIS training program takes 6months for one to be well equipped with the required skills.

NIS Salary In Kenya

N.I.S salary range is based on years of experience as shown in the table below:

NIS StaffSalary Per Month
Graduate TraineeKsh.60,000 to Ksh. 130,000
One to three years’ experience NIS staffKsh.130,000 to Ksh.200,000
Four to six years’ experience NIS staffKsh.200,000 to Ksh.250,000
NIS Salary In Kenya

NIS Allowances

N.S salary is inclusive of allowances to cater for their expenses. Some of the NIS allowances include:

1.  Accommodation and Subsistence allowances.

2. Airtime allowances.

3. Security allowances.

4. Medical Insurance allowances.

5. Retirement benefits.

6. Group life assurance.

7. Work injury benefit.

These allowances are often included in the basic salary in order to get total payment per month.

Functions Of National Intelligence Service In Kenya

1. Detect and identity threats to national security.

2. Advise the president and government of any threat.

3. Safeguard and promote national security within and outside the country.

4. Safeguard information systems and processes within state departments.

5. Make recommendations to the National Security council on policies concerning security intelligence.

6. Regulate the flow of security intelligence between service and state department.

7. Provide confidential security report for persons seeking to be a Kenyan Citizen.

8. Carry out protective and preventive security functions within state departments.

9. Liase with intelligence or authorities in other countries.


To conclude, National Intelligence Service (NIS) has played a basic role in creating tough security in our country that ensures smooth flow of activities in the country as whole. Besides, NIS is a high paying job that has very many allowances.

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