OCPD Salary In Kenya In The New Police Ranking

OCPD Salary In Kenya In The New Police Ranking

OCPD in police means Officer Commanding Police Division. In the new police reform. OCPD are now called the sub county police.

Some of the main roles of OCPD include:

1. Enforcing laws.

2. Preventing crimes.

3. Providing support services.

4. Responding to emergencies.

What is the salary of OCPD? An average basic salary of an OCPD who does not have any rank is Ksh.74,000 while the senior  superintendent earns an average basic salary of Ksh.86,277 per month. These salaries do not include any allowances. O.C.P.D salary in Kenya was increased recently by the government of Kenya with a high percentage.

OCPD Allowances

The amount of allowances given to OCPDs vary depending on the rank. These allowances are given to help in their expenses. Some of the popular OCPD allowances include:

1. Commuter allowances.

2. House Allowances.

3. Medical Allowances.

4. Hardship Allowances.

5. Leave allowances.

6. Sitting Allowance.

People wonder who is senior between OCS and OCPD.Well,an OCPD is the highest in the rank followed by the OCS.An OCPD also receives a higher salary than Officer Commanding Station (OCS).

OCPD Requirements

For one to become an Officer In Charge Of Police District, one must fulfill the following conditions:

Must have worked for some few years as a normal police officer.

Have no criminal records.

Undergone thorough training.

Have a minimum grade of C in the Kenya Certificate Of Secondary Education.

Must be a Kenyan citizen.

Have tested and proven the passion in becoming an Officer in charge of police District.

OCPD Uniform

Officer in charge of Police District put various uniforms depending on the ranks. Also, different badges displayed on the uniform’s shoulders indicate the ranks of the police officer. They receive a police uniform allowance every month.


Law enforcement has been made a success by the Officers in charge of Police District (OCPD) here in Kenya. Statistics show that  there are reduced number of crime rates nowadays compared to the older days due to availability of the officers services.

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