OCS Salary In Kenya In The New Police Reform

OCS Salary In Kenya In The New Police Reform

OCS in police means Officer Commanding Station who is in charge of a police station in a ward and oversees all its police post and patrol bases. In the new police reform, OCS are called Ward Commander.

You may also wonder, Is OCS an inspector? Yes. An OCS is an inspector and performs the following duties:

1. Presides over a police station and various facilities like police vehicles, equipment and the employed personnel.

2. They give orders to other police officers who are below them in the police rank.

3. Enforce the law as they are also part of the Police Service in Kenya.

I know you are curious to know how much does an OCS paid in Kenya, an OCS basic salary in Kenya Ksh.54,000 exclusive of allowances.

Theses Officers Commanding Station monthly salary was currently increased by the government of Kenya thus they earn more salary compared to the previous years.

Deputy OCS Salary In Kenya

Officer Commanding Station always have an assistant who helps in performing various duties such as implementing the orders given by the OCS.

A Deputy OCS salary is Ksh.45,000 per month with all allowances being included.

OCS Allowances In Kenya

Officers Commanding Station(OCS) receive allowance packages to cater for their bills. Such allowances include:

1. House Allowances.

2. Medical Allowances.

3. Leave Allowances.

4. Sitting Allowances.

5. Transport Allowances.

6. Hardship Allowances.

These allowances vary depending on the rank of the Officers Commanding Station.

OCS Rank In Kenya

OCS rank is a lucrative rank in the police Station with him or her being almost the highest in the rank after Chief Of Post(COP) and Officer In Charge Of Police Division (OCPD).


To sum up, Officers Commanding Station(OCS) enjoy the power of giving orders in the police stations. Also, due to the increased salary, they enjoy many luxurious privileges.

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