How To Buy Minutes In Telkom Line | Easily Now

How To Buy Minutes In Telkom Line | Easily Now

Telkom minutes make life more interesting in that communication is done at a fair cost.

Long lasting conversations with people from a far is made possible by the use of Telkom minutes which gives each one an opportunity of expressing themselves freely.

In addition, Telkom has minimum network problems of near zero thus many enjoy their services.This is made a success by Telkom establishing Telkom boosters in across the country.

Perhaps you are worried about how to buy Telkom minutes using your mobile phone.

I will help you know how to buy Telkom minutes that you can call across all networks or Telkom to Telkom free minutes therefore consider yourself lucky.

Below is the procedure of how to buy minutes in Telkom line:

Step 1: Dial *544# and press the Telkom SIM in your phone.

Step 2: Select the minutes option.

Step 3: Choose your desired minutes based on the amount of credit in your Telkom line.

Step 4: A confirmation message will be sent to you showing that you have successfully purchased Telkom minutes valid for either 24hours,7 days or 30 days.

Use this procedure as many times as possible when buying Telkom minutes.

Niaje Telkom Minutes

You may also like to know how to buy Niaje Telkom minutes since it is also favorable.

Here is the procedure showing you how to buy Niaje Telkom Minutes:

Step 1: Ensure your airtime balance is atleast Ksh.160 by checking airtime balance. Top up your line incase it is lower than Ksh.160.

Step 2: Press *100#

Step 3: Select the third (3) option which is Talk, Text & More.

Step 4:Select the fourth (4) option which is the International bundles.

Step 5: Select the first (1) option which shows 160 minutes @ 500/- valid for 30days.

Step 6: Select option 1 to confirm the purchase of Niaje Telkom minutes.

This is the easiest method to follow when purchasing Niaje Telkom minutes since it is a straight forward procedure.


Enjoy life with Telkom by purchasing a Telkom line today at an affordable cost near you. Besides, it is among the top mobile networks in Kenya with vary many added advantages such as minutes for communication.

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