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If you are looking for Thika Nursing Home maternity charges, services, contacts, location, address, gynaecologist, doctors, and many more is all here. I have compiled a quick facts guide about Thika Nursing Home just for you.

With many years of existence, Thika Nursing Home is one of the best facilities in Thika town. What makes it the best is because of its modern structure and facilities. In addition, it has the best qualified personnel who have specialized in their specific fields. If you need the best and quality services then you have the answer with you.

Thika Nursing Home Contacts

Phone: 0728929256

Thika Nursing Home Location

The Hospital is located in Thika section 9 in central province.

Thika Nursing Home Directions

Along OAU road in Thika

Thika Nursing Home Address

OAU Rd, Thika

Thika Nursing Home Maternity Charges

Thika Nursing Home Maternity charges are shown below

Thika Nursing Home Maternity ServiceCharges (with NHIF)Charges (Without NHIF)
Normal DeliveryFreeApproximately Ksh. 30,000 – Ksh.40,000
Caesarian DeliveryFreeApproximately Ksh. 60,000 – Ksh. 70,000
Thika Nursing Home Maternity Charges

Thika Nursing Home Services

Here are some of the services offered at Thika Nursing Home.

Thika Nursing Home Maternity Package

Packages offered are normal delivery and caesarian delivery.

Caesarian Delivery Services

There is a section set aside for women with birth complications. This section is commonly referred to as the c section. What happens at this section basically is that there is a surgery which is conducted. This surgery is done to make the delivery process smoother and easier. The section is run by qualified surgeons with the help of trained nurses.

Through this kind of teamwork there is usually a successful delivery at the end of the day. The surgeries are conducted keenly with a lot of attention. The surgical tools used are ever clean. This is to ensure that the wound is not infected and that the survival chance is increased.

Normal Delivery Services

With the help of midwifes, doctors and nurses, you are able to deliver normally. the presence of the doctors and nurses greatly playa a very big impact in terms of delivery. They are available to ensure that your baby is safe and that you as the mother is safe also. The service is charged at a very affordable rate.

Gynaecology Services

Are you looking for the best gynae in town? Ooh yes you are at the right place. With Thika Nursing Home you are able to have a session with its gynaecologists. These gynaecologists have specialty in treating conditions affecting the female reproductive system. Some of these conditions are; endometriosis, infertility issues, menstrual disorders.

The gynaecologists work with a main aim of making sure that women’s health improve. If you have any of the conditions mentioned or rather you want to go for a checkup on the same, take an initiative of visiting Thika Nursing Home gynaecologists. Don’t hesitate your health really matters a lot.   

Casualty And Emergency Services

Emergencies may be available and its occurrence is untold. The main reason why the hospital has this department is to ensure that all emergencies are taken care of in time. The emergency department staff is always standby. The staff works for 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

Through their tireless working, no emergency cases are impossible to handle. The staff is well trained and works with passion. Incase you have an emergency don’t let your patient suffer or die. Simply reach the facilities emergency department team and get quick assistance.


The main reason why the inpatients recover quickly at Thika Nursing Home is because of the wards. These wards are spacious and clean. In addition, there is maximum visit by the nurses. Through these visits the nurses are able to provide anything that the patient may require.

The wards also have got high bed capacities. This is to mean that there are no issues of congestions and overcrowding. This is also the reason that triggers patient’s quick recovery process.

Pharmacy Services

This unit plays a very important part in a hospital. Just after the doctors have given out prescriptions, the patients are directly referred to the pharmacy. Working there is a group of learned chemists are there to ensure that the correct dosages are administered accordingly.

The chemists also work for 24 hours a day. The pharmacy is also fully stocked with different types of drugs to cure a variety of diseases.

Consultation Services

In terms of consultation, Thika Nursing Hospital offers the best consultation services. This means that you are able to visit the doctors and explain your condition. The doctors are very friendly and always ready to help the patients.

Laboratory Services

The Hospital has a modern laboratory with modern testing equipment. In addition, the laboratory is run by professionals. There professionality highly promotes accuracy in conducted tests. The technicians are ever keen to ensure that whatever result is produced there are no inaccuracy issues. Some common tets conducted are malaria tests, blood screening and many more.

Physiotherapy Services

Physiotherapists are available in the facility to treat disorders and injuries that may have been acquired during sporting activities and exercise. The physiotherapists treat such conditions through physical means such as massage and exercise. At some point the physiotherapists may have talking sessions with the patients through therapy.

Dental Services

With highly trained dentists, you are able to transform your poor teeth condition into a healthy one. The dentists offer services such as crowns, bridging, extraction, filling, teeth whitening and fitting of braces. If you want to make your teeth pearl white then don’t hesitate to visit Thika Nursing Home dentists.


Thika Nursing Home maternity charges are affordable. The facility is well equipped with modern equipment suitable to handle a wide range of medical issues. Now you have a better overview of Thika Nursing home in case you need to seek medical assistance.

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