Bulldozer Operator Salary In Kenya | New Salary

Bulldozer Operator Salary In Kenya | New Salary

Invention of various technologies by scientists has really improved work efficiency in the current century. Bulldozers are powerful machines that were invented mainly for pushing rocks used in road building, farming construction and wrecking it.

Bulldozers are not automatic and therefore human power is employed to operate this type of machine and are commonly referred to bulldozer operators.

There are types of bulldozers such as:

1. Wheel bulldozer.

2. Mini bulldozer.

3. Crawler bulldozer.

How much does a bulldozer driver make?  A bulldozer operator salary in Kenya per month makes an average of Ksh.98,999 including all the monthly allowances.

 Besides, the operator can command a higher pay if one has more experience, advanced education level, gender privilege and harsh location.

Bulldozer Operator Allowances In Kenya

Just like any other employee, bulldozer operator is also given allowances to cater for the expenses. The amount of these allowances also vary depending on the work experience. Such allowances include:

1. Overtime allowances.

2. Housing allowances.

3. Medical insurance allowances.

4. Leave allowances.

5. Project allowances.

6. Hardship allowances.

Bulldozer Operator Training In Kenya

Bulldozer Operator trainings are offered in special schools that have specialized in training students on heavy machine operations. Such institutions include:

a. Sensei Institute of Technology.

b. Ganatra Training Institute of Technology.

c. National Industrial Training Authority.

d. Kenya Institute Of Highways and Building Technology.

e. Kilimambogo Institute of Professional Earthmovers.

f. National Youth Service Engineering Institute.

g. Railway Training Institute, among others.

Also training duration is not lengthier compared to other courses. It takes an average of 10-12 months to complete the training course. Affordable fees is charged to cater for the training.


In summary, Bulldozer Operator courses are worth studying as it has brighter future at the end of the tunnel. This is due to the high salaries that they earn on a monthly basis.

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