Motor Grader Operator Salary In Kenya | New Earnings

Motor Grader Operator Salary In Kenya | New Earnings

Motor graders have really played a major role in road constructions as it is used to smoothen the surface. I believe you often feel good when you find a motor grader smoothening a road that you normally use. These profession is of highly importance for ease of movement and transportation.

Motor Grader Operators mainly operate these machines and their main duties include:

1. Shape and finish shoulders and slopes.

2. May perform rough or fine grading depending on the level of smoothness that is required.

3. Operate self-propelled grader to level the roads under construction and maintenance.

A motor grader operator salary in Kenya is an average of Ksh.200,000 per month inclusive of allowances.

Besides, Motor Grader Operator pay can vary depending on the skills and work experience of a person. As a result, a highly skilled and more experienced person can allow a Road Grader operator salary to be high and more lucrative.

Motor Grader Operator Allowances In Kenya

1. Hardship allowances of Ksh.17,000

2. Overtime allowances of Ksh.10,000

3. Leave allowances of Ksh.5,500

4. Sitting allowances of ksh.20,000

5. Housing allowances of ksh.28,000

6. Medical allowances of Ksh.20,000.

These allowances are often included in the motor grader operator payslip and they receive on a monthly basis.

Grader Operator Vacancy

Grander operators wanted job opportunities in Kenya include:

a. Motor grader operator vacancy at corporate staffing Nairobi.

b. Motor Grader Operator at Tai enterprises Nairobi.

c. Grader operator at Sinohydro Corporation limited in Kitui County.

d. Motor Grader Operator at Young & Corporate East Africa Limited in Nairobi.

You can apply for the vacancies in the above companies and secure yourself a good grader operating job.

Motor Grader Operator Training Schools In Kenya

Schools have specialized in offering quality motor grader trainings at affordable prices.

Such learning institutions include:

1. Sensei Institute of Technology, Nakuru.

2. Kilimambogo Highways Building and Technology,Thika.

3. Nyakio Plant Operator and Driving School,Thika.

4. Ganatra Plant and Equipment Training Institute, Nairobi

Training duration does not take long to complete and start earning.


Road construction contracts are plenty in Kenya as transport facilities are trying to be improved in all the counties at large. Besides, motor grader operator earns more monthly salary improving his or her living standards. Better your future by enrolling today for a motor grader course.

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