Excavator Operator Salary In Kenya | New With Allowances

Excavator Operator Salary In Kenya | New With Allowances

Excavator machine is a heavy construction machine that is also known as a digger that is used for construction activities such as digging of foundations and shaft drilling.

Highly trained excavator operators are employed to operate these machines.

There are different types of Excavator operators due to the different types of Excavator machines that are used for different purposes in the construction site.

Below are the types of Excavator machines:

1. Crawler Excavators.

2. Dragline Excavators.

3. Suction Excavators.

4. Long Reach Excavators.

5. Skid steer Excavators.

You are curious to know how much do excavator drivers get paid in Kenya per month. Excavator operator salary in Kenya ranges from as low as Ksh.27,000 to as high as Ksh.125,099 per month. This includes all salary allowances that they gain from the company.

Allowances For Excavator operators In Kenya

Excavator operators in Kenya are also given allowance packages like any other group of employed staff although the amount of allowances vary drastically depending on the skills, gender, location and experiences.

Here are some of the allowances for excavator operators:

a. Housing Allowances.

b. Medical Allowances.

c. Risk Allowances.

d. Leave Allowances.

e. Project Allowance.

Excavator Operator Training In Kenya

There are various schools in Kenya that are well equipped with the excavator machines and highly trained excavator personnel that train students until they become competent. Such Schools in Kenya include:

1. Kenya Institute of Highways and Building Technologies-Nairobi Campus.

2. Nyakio Plant Operators.

3. Kilimambogo Institute of Professional Earthmovers.

4. Mantrac Kenya Limited.

5. The Institute of Lifting and Technology.

6. Sensei Institute Of Technology.

7. Automobile Association of Kenya.

Requirements To Join Excavator Operators In Kenya

The following requirements must be met before one becomes an Excavator Operator in Kenya;

a. Be above 18 years Old.

b. Have a driving license and a Commercial Driving License (CDL)

c. Have a high school diploma

d. Have mechanical aptitude.

e. Good vision, among others.


Excavator operator is an enjoyable job that majority would like to become. Also, excavator driver is a high paying job in Kenya that has helped reduce poverty levels in the country at large.

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