Crane Operator Salary In Kenya | New Earning

Crane Operator Salary In Kenya | New Earning

A crane is typically a machine that is mainly used to lift and lower materials and transporting them to other places. Cranes are used in different industries for construction, manufacturing, shipbuilding and material loading.

These cranes are operated by crane operators whose main responsibilities are lifting and moving construction materials to the designated place.

Crane operations has led to many questions arising such as how much does a crane operator earn in Kenya? Do crane operators make good money? Among others.

Crane operators make a lot of money per hour making crane operations among the high paying jobs in Kenya.

In fact, Crane Operator salary in Kenya is an average of Ksh 100,000 per month with all the allowances being included.

Gantry Crane Operator Salary In Kenya

Gantry Crane is also known as bridge crane. Gantry operator control these cranes as they lift and release loads in the designated area.

Gantry Crane operator earns an average of Ksh.98,000 per month including all allowances.

Crane Operator Training In Kenya

Kenya as a country has specialized schools that specifically train students in crane operations. Such schools include:

1. The Institute of Lifting and Technology, Nairobi.

2. Ganatra plant and Equipment Training Institute, Nairobi.

3. Kilimambogo Highway Building and Technology College,Thika

4. Nyakio Plant  Operator  and Driving School,Thika.

Crane Operator Jobs In Kenya

If you are looking for crane operator jobs in Kenya, consider making an application to some of these companies:

a. Injection Molding Machine Operator at Summit Human Resource and Marketing Consultant.

b. Operations Assistant or Warehouse Assistant at BASF East Africa Limited.

d. Senior Driver -G3 at International Labor Organization, Nairobi.

e. Delivery partner at Andela Kenya.


In conclusion, Crane operators earn more salaries per month. They also receive benefit packages such as leave, vacations, among others. For one to be successful in this career, passion and determination is key as these makes a person to be self driven. Indeed, cranes have simplified construction work by taking the minimum time possible.

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