Machine Operator Salary In Kenya | New Update

Machine Operator Salary In Kenya | New Update

Modern world is based on technology. More machines have been invented in order to save time and make work more easily for human beings. Also, the use of machines brings out a clear output with minimum errors if any.

For these machines to operate, employment of machine operators also known as machinists is as important as they play major roles in:

1. Setting up equipment.

2. Loading materials.

3. Operating machines.

4. Monitoring and maximizing efficiency.

5. Maintaining machines.

6. Close supervisions.

Many industries have machine operators who ensure the success of the organization.

You may be asking yourself, do machine operators make good money? Yes. Machine operators make good money. As a matter of fact, machine operator salary in Kenya is an average of Ksh.98,000 per month as a starting salary with all the allowances being included.

The salary often increases as the operator gains more skills and experienced during the course of work as years go by.

Lathe Machine Operator Salary In Kenya

Lathe machine operations are done by either holding the work between centers or by a chuck.

Lathe machine operator salary in Kenya is an average of ksh.100,000 per month including all monthly allowances.

Heavy Machine Operator Salary In Kenya

Heavy Machine Operators control construction equipment such as bulldozers, backhoes, forklifts, dump trucks, cargo trucks, among others.

Heavy Machine Operators salary in Kenya is an average of Ksh.125,000 per month since they perform a heavier task in the construction.

Machine Operator Courses In Kenya

Machine operator courses are done in specific schools that have specialized in offering quality trainings and are well equipped.

These courses are always short with a minimum of three months duration. Besides, these courses are offered at affordable fees.

Schools that offer machine Operating courses include:

1. Kenya Institute of Highways and Building Technology in Nairobi.

2. Ganatra plant and Equipment institution.

3. Sensei Institute of Technology.

4. Kilimambogo Highways and Building Institute.

Machine Operator Jobs In Kenya

There are several machine operator jobs in Kenya that you can try send a job application. Some of the jobs include but not limited to:

a. PET Bottling Machine Operator Jobs in Kenya, Nairobi.

b. CNC Lathe Machine Operator and project manager, Nairobi.

c. Tube Mill Machine Operator Jobs in Kenya.

d. Technical Machine operator Somaliland, Nairobi.

e. Machine operator-Cocacola Company Embakasi

f. CNC laser machine operator-Nationwide Electrical Industries Limited.

g. MACA stone cutting machine operator at Career options Africa in Mombasa.


In the final analysis, machine operator jobs in Kenya are on demand thus one is able to secure a permanent job immediately after training. Besides, machine Operators earn more monthly salaries compared to other fields.

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