Plant Operators Salary In Kenya | New Payment

Plant Operators Salary In Kenya | New Payment

Plant operators are on high demand in Kenya in the recent past due to the increase in industrialization of many sectors of the economy.

Kenya has several industrial plants such as wastewater treatment plants, power plants, chemical plants such as gas extraction facilities, among others which require plant Operators.

1. Plant Operators perform duties like:

2. Oversee plant operations.

3. Ensure plant adheres to safety and environmental rules.

4. Oversee fork truck operations.

5. General warehouse keeping.

6. Load and offload railcars.

7. Monitor operating equipment.

How much does a plant operator earn per month? The plant operator salary in Kenya per month ranges from as low as Ksh.16,000 to as high as Ksh.100,000 per month. Furthermore, how much do plant Operators earn per hour is an average of Ksh. 300 per hour.

A plant operator job salary in Kenya varies depending on the type of plant that one is operating, gender, skills and work experience.  

KDF Plant Operator Salary

Kenya Defense Force plant operator receives an average salary of Ksh.75,000 per month. This is the average monthly salary including all the allowances.

Kengen Plant Operator Salary

Kengen plant operator receives an average salary of Ksh.65,000 per month.This salary is not stagnant as it increases with time due to increased work experience.

Plant Operator Mechanic Salary In Kenya

Plant Operator Mechanic mainly repair and maintain heavy construction machinery in an industrial setting.

A Plant Operator Mechanic salary is Ksh.50,000 per month.

Plant Operator Qualifications Needed

Qualifications are always necessary to recruit new plant operators. Such requirements include:

1. Complete Level 2 certificate in construction plant operations.

2. Complete level 3 diploma in construction and the built environment to become a trainee plant operator.

3. Above 18years of age.

4. Able to use, repair and maintain machines.

5. Have computer knowledge and software packages.

Plant Operator Attachments In Kenya

If you are looking to secure an attachment, you can consider making an application to:

a. Kengen Water Treatment Plant as a plant operator.

b. Nzoia Sugar Company.

c. Kenya Forest Service.

d. Ministry of Transport Plants.

Plant Operator Schools In Kenya

To enroll as a plant operator student, there are several schools in Kenya that have specialized in training students to become plant operators in the future.

Some of the plant operator schools in Kenya include:

1. Nyakio Plant operations.

2. Kenya Institute of Highways and Building Technology.

3. International Plant Machinery Technical Training Institute.

4. Sensei Institute of Technology.


Kenya has really developed economically due to the employment of plant Operators in various industrial plants. Also, plant operator monthly salary is higher and often paid on time.

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