Forklift Operator Salary In Kenya | Latest New Pay

Forklift Operator Salary In Kenya | Latest New Pay

Forklift was purposely developed to carry heavy loads across long distances of varying terrain. Forklifts are more efficient as they save time and energy in projects that require lots of materials by lifting, carrying and transporting materials.

These machines are not automatic since they require human power to operate them who are known as Forklift Operators whose main responsibilities are:

1. Unloading materials and merchandise incoming vehicles and stacking them to the required places.

2. Identify damages and report shortages.

3. Locating and moving products to crates for storage or shipment.

A forklift operator salary in Kenya is an average of Ksh.84,000 per month for a forklift driver. These forklift drivers are paid per hour with the normal forklift operator making Ksh.239.99 per hour while the experienced forklift drivers are paid Ksh.270 per hour.

Forklift driver salary in Kenya can vary drastically based on the skills, work experience, gender and the location.

Highest Paid Forklift Operator In Kenya

What is the highest paid forklift operator? The highest paid forklift operator earns an average of Ksh.400 per hour. Warehouse forklifts operator are among the highest paid forklift operators.

Forklift Operator Training In Kenya

Training duration is short and takes eight months course.

Forklift Operators required a thorough training so as to reduce damage and increase work competency. These institutions that offer forklift operator training in Kenya include:

1. Forklift Trainers Driving School in Mombasa.

2. Kenya Airways Pride Centre.

3. Kensafe Training  and driving school limited.

4. Kenya Institute of Highways and Building Technology.

Top Jobs In Kenya Warehouse Forklift Driver

The jobs include:

a. Operations Assistant.

b. Bench fitter and drill machine operator.

c. Machine Operator-moulding.

d. CNC Laser Machine Operator.

e. Job truck driver.

Forklift Operator Government Job

Some of the jobs you can secure in the government warehouses as a forklift operator include:

1. Safely Offloading trailers in good conditions.

2. Stocking goods in a designated wracks.

3. Daily inspection of pre shift forklift.

4. Operate all lift equipment in a safer manner.

Forklift Operator Jobs In Mombasa Kenya

Mombasa is one of the Kenyan cities that various activities take place due to the large water body, the Indian Ocean.

Various Forklift Operator jobs in Mombasa include:

a. Supplies Coordinator in the Port of Indian Ocean.

b. Forklift Operator at Summit Human Resource and Marketing Consultant in Mombasa.

c. Tractor Driver at Sanergy in Mombasa.

d. Operations Assistant in the Mombasa Warehouse.


Forklifting job opportunities are maximum in Kenya. Anyone can apply despite the gender, locality, education level and experience. Enroll today in a training school for a better tomorrow.

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