Cost Of Building A 3 Bedroom House In Rural Kenya | Affordable

Cost Of Building A 3 Bedroom House In Rural Kenya | Affordable

A 3 bedroom house is one of the fancy houses in Kenya that is really good for larger families. It accommodates many people without having unnecessary tension of space.

Life is relatively cheaper in rural areas compared to urban areas.

This is because in urban areas there is a very stiff competition of products making life more expensive due to the large population occupying that place. Perhaps you have been wondering how much does a 3 bedroom cost to build in Kenya.

The cost of building a 3 bedroom house in rural Kenya is approximately Ksh. 2 million.

This is the total cost including all the materials and labour used during construction up to finishing.

Besides, it is worth noting that the total cost for building a 3 bedroom house in Kenya varies highly depending on whether you are to build in an urban area or rural area.

For instance, a 3 bedroom house in an urban area like Nairobi can cost up to Ksh. 4m while in remote places the same house can cost slightly less than the average price.

Cost of building a 3 bedroom house in a rural area is relatively affordable due to the cheap cost of materials as well as labor.

If you are near source of material then you are lucky as you will incur minimum transport cost.

Bags Of Cement For A 3 Bedroom House

You may also wish to know how many bags of cement for 3 bedroom house in Kenya will be used. An average of 960 to 1000 bags of cement will be required to build your 3 bedroom house till its completion.

For better calculations of your part, a bag of cement costs an average of Ksh.600 in the local hardware’s.

However, buying in bulk from the factory can help you save more as they can give you a good discount.


In conclusion,3 bedroom houses are more comfortable and a great accommodation that one would wish to live in. Besides, it is affordable in terms of cost when one decides to save money.

Also, it can be used for commercial purposes in terms of renting in urban areas such as Nairobi as large families stay closer to their loved ones who work there.

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