Cost Of Building One Bedroom In Kenya | Durable & Affordable

Cost Of Building One Bedroom In Kenya | Durable & Affordable

A one bedroom house is one of the luxurious houses that one can build without spending too much money. One can settle in a one bedroom house with your family.

Also, a one bedroom house can be utilized by renting it thus earning more income per month since it is a good investment that one could wish to engage into.

Are you wondering how much does a 1 bedroom house cost in terms of square meters? The cost of building one bedroom in Kenya is an average of Ksh.35,000 per square meter to build a one bedroom house. As a result, the final total cost of building can be approximately Ksh.600,000 to Ksh.1.5m.

The stated cost includes all the material costs, labour costs, among others until finishing is done to completion and your one bedroom house ready for accommodation.

Ways To Minimize Building Cost For One Bedroom

I will give you ideas of having a I bedroom house to build using  very minimum cost. These ideas include:

1. Buying building materials by yourself.

2. Employ few qualified building personnel to avoid spending more on labour.

3. Avoid complicated designs.

4. Use spacing designs that will not take too much material.

5. Thorough supervision to be done during construction.

6. Recycle some construction materials to avoid wastage.

Factors To Consider Before Building One Bedroom

You may also be interested in knowing the factors to consider before building your one bedroom house. These factors include:

a. Location.

If your are building in an urban area, the cost of building would be high due to the high standards of living in urban places.

However, building in rural area is much cheaper than in urban place.  So, plan accordingly.

b. Topography of the land.

If the area you are building is red soil, then building foundation is much cheaper.

However, if you are in a place with clay soil or black cotton soil, prepare yourself to remove the soil at an extra cost which can be expensive especially if the area is also swampy.

c. Purpose of the house

Commercial houses ought to be located near roads. Besides, the building standards within your area can also impact on the cost.

d. Design of your house

A highly complicated house can cost more due to extra finishing that can require more expertise or labor.

Hopefully this information will help you build a luxurious one bedroom house without wasting resources.


In brief, one bedroom house is always good for renting and also for settling in with your family. Besides, it is not that costly to construct your one bedroom house.

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